Monday, May 25, 2009

Sorry I am a blogslacker!!!

I am thoroughly enjoying my 3 day weekend!! As you can see from the time that is was posted, I am up really LATE!!! I haven't had a caffeinated soda in OVER a year.....but, I got a wild hair today and drank one (with 3 refills but we're not telling ANYONE, OK??!!!!). BIG MISTAKE!!! I cannot go to sleep. Syd is in Conway with her gran and papa and Casey is asleep. Geeeeezzzz...

So, I will take this opportunity to utilize my energy into getting caught up on my blogging:
Syd, mom, and I went shopping today mainly to get some BROWN sandals for S. This is like hunting for that dang woodpecker...... I have yet to find her some sandals and I have been looking for at least a month and a half. Today I thought we would try JC Penney, Kohl's, Belk's, and Target. We had alot of fun looking at baby clothes for my sister who is due to have a boy in September. We definately decided that girl clothes are a LOT more fun to shop for!!!!! For some reason, Sydney thinks that she is Penticostal and wants to wear a dress EVERY day of her life. I am so tired of arguing with her EVERY morning about what to wear to school. Sometimes, this is the first thing she says to me when I am trying to get her up (even while her eyes are still closed). I got some great deals on some dresses today so I stocked up just so I don't start my day out stressed......But, still NO brown sandals!!!!! Syd also got to get some new panties too!!! She accidentally got them dirty in the restroom, so I just threw them away...But after inadvertantly showing her "you know what" to the Target stock guy I decided we needed to go ahead and buy some!!!!
Sydney not only thinks that she is Penticostal, she also thinks that we are royalty - or so she told the man checking us out at Target today!! She was asking me for a piece of candy for the 20th time at the checkout counter when I looked at her stearnly and said "No I will not tell you again!" she then returned with "Yes, your majesty!" which made this guy laugh. Knowing that she now had an audience she continued with her bit......"we are royalty" she said..."we live in a castle and she is the queen and I am the princess...." . I brought her back down by telling her that she is Pinocchio I think b/c her nose was growing from telling all of those stories!!!!!
I just had to stop typing, I was hearing sirens and thought they were getting close. There is a house fully engulfed in flames in my neighborhood...Lord, I pray please be with that family right now guide them to you I pray in your name, Amen.....
Oh I hope they are ok.....
Will update this situation tomorrow when I find out how they are.....

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Annual Neighborhood Garage Sale!!

Well I left my camera at work so I will have to post pics later. This morning we had the annual neighborhood yard sale. My boss Tina contributed her stuff and tons of help as well as good company. Sydney was asked to see if there was any of her toys that she wanted to sell and she brought out new stuff that we had just bought, she couldn't understand why I wouldn't let her sell it! Yes it rained all day, but everyone knows about this annual sale and they are die hard. I had people that drove from Conway, Des Arc, and even Pangburn(wherever that is). Casey thinks that selling used stuff is a garage sale is crazy he thinks I should just give everything away. But, I know there are a few splurges that I want to buy that I wouldn't be able to if I didn't have this extra cash. I was VERY happy to run into the bedroom this morning at about 6:45 to announce that I FINALLY sold Syd's crib and changing table(which he said I would't sell for what I asked for it) and my elliptical machine(which he had the same opinion of). And, when I told him that I sold some of his lightly used shirts for $5 a piece, he got up and decided that he needed to double check his closet to see if anything else needed to be sold. He has this opinion that "why would someone else want our junk?". But it really is good stuff, heck I would buy up some kids clothes if they we're Syd's size and the same style and condition as mine we're at a garage sale!!! So, now we FINALLY might have room to park in our garage (something that Casey has been griping about!!)!!! AND, I have almost $500, yes I said $500 - to splurge on this new bedding/decor at Kohl's that I have been eyeing!!! YAY!!!
P.s. got to see my sister today and she is FINALLY showing! I got to feel the baby kick, and Syd said Whoa! when she saw her Aunt Michelle's belly. One thing that did make me sick, she is still wearing her old jeans at 23 weeks!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Twinkle Toes

Sunday, Sydney asked me to come in to her room and she was going to do a show for me. She asked me to sit in her "baby" recliner, which I squeezed in to. She then did a ballet performance for me on the "stage" - her bed! Here are a few pics:

She is taking ballet, tap, and hip-hop now! She'll have her spring recital in early June. We just found out that she has a solo during the hiphop dance!!!! Let's just say she doesn't take after her dad in the dancing department! It has been great for her, I like to watch her do the hip hop the best but I am pretty sure that she likes ballet the best.
Well we found out about a month ago that Casey will be going to Germany for work for the month of June. I thought about going for a few days but we decided we'll just have to go when we will both be able to enjoy it for a lengthy stay - Sorry to my girlfriends Lyndsey and Melissa who live there. So everyone be thinking about me attempting to be a single parent for that month!!

Funny Photo Of The Week:

This is Sampson, our younger dog. This is exactly what he does most of the time that he is awake. Sorry, I do not like Sampson. He is VERY needy and has to be with someone at all times. He won't even go the the bathroom outside by himself. He has to go get Roxy, my sweet girl, to go with him. The worst part about it all is that I am allergic to Sampson, but not to Roxy (they are both boxers though, vet says that this is normal). Because he is so needy, he stands next to my legs and rubs up against me all the time, which then makes me break out in all these very itchy bumps. This also means I cannot love on him very good either, so there is no emotional connection. Casey and Sydney make up for me though. Recently, Syd had trouble sleeping through the night, and Sampson too. They usually wake me up at least one time a piece during the night. I had a BRILLIANT idea, why not kill two birds with one stone and see if Samps can sleep with Sydney!! What do ya know, it has been a week and I haven't been awoken one time!! I am against the animals on the furniture and esp the beds, but I will do alot for my sleep, this is a good sacrifice!!

This is our new dental office!! I have been with this practice for 8 years almost. We have grown so much. When I first started there was just 4 of us and our office was a 1100 square foot converted old house in the not so good part of town. Now there are 13 of us and we are in a 6000 square foot BEAUTIFUL office!! I am very proud of it. We have 11 ops, flat screens above all dental chairs, a waterwall in the reception area.......need I say more!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My First Post!!!

Well I am going to try this blogging thing. I try to keep up with Kacy and Cassie's blogs and would love to try to do this. I need a tutorial though!!
I guess I need to update everyone about recent events before I add new ones:

Our Trip To DisneyWorld March 4-11, 2009

This is Sydney at the airport. She had way too much downtime on airplanes, so now she was getting into trouble. I thought I would take pictures of her to keep her out of trouble. This is her modeling:

Casey wasn't exactly thrilled to go to Disney, well not like me.... So, I thought I would surprise him on our anniversary with Atlanta Braves/New York Yankees spring training tickets at Disneyworld. He did get a little more excited.

Then we we're off to the Magic Kingdom. P.S. Sydney didn't know that we we're going to Disneyworld. She noticed all of the Mickey Mouse decor but never put two and two together. I thought she would realize where we were when we drove through the Magic Kingdom Archway, but NO!! We got on the trolley to take us to the monorail. She noticed the bushes cut like Mickey and Minnie but still didn't realize. We had to show her this castle that was off in the distance accross the lake and ask her what the was..... She then jumped up and down!! She was SO happy!!

Sydney's favorite ride at DW was the teacups.

I believe we rode them like 5 times!! The mouse
in the center teapot that peeks out of the lid
made her laugh EVERY time we rode it!!
We were very blessed to get to go to Disney!! We had meals with all the characters. Our favorite character meal was the BBQ with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Chip, and Dale. It was great, they let the kids go wild and dance with the characters. Believe me it was probably the worst character job at WDW, b/c those little devils went crazy. It is a disney characters nightmare i am sure. It probably pays the best though!!!


Sydney had the chance to dress up like a princess while at disney. She chose Cinderella, her favorite princess. A fairy godmother in training did Syd's hair, makeup and nails. She loved it, and wouldn't you know she didn't cry or scream one time while she had her hair done, unlike when I do it!!! After her princess makeover, we had dinner with the mice and the fairy godmother in Cindy's castle, every little girls dream!!! She got to meet Cinderella - she was STARSTRUCK!!!! Here are a few pics:

Well I will try to post at least one day a week. Next time will be more current stuff!!!
Love, Angela