Saturday, May 2, 2009

Annual Neighborhood Garage Sale!!

Well I left my camera at work so I will have to post pics later. This morning we had the annual neighborhood yard sale. My boss Tina contributed her stuff and tons of help as well as good company. Sydney was asked to see if there was any of her toys that she wanted to sell and she brought out new stuff that we had just bought, she couldn't understand why I wouldn't let her sell it! Yes it rained all day, but everyone knows about this annual sale and they are die hard. I had people that drove from Conway, Des Arc, and even Pangburn(wherever that is). Casey thinks that selling used stuff is a garage sale is crazy he thinks I should just give everything away. But, I know there are a few splurges that I want to buy that I wouldn't be able to if I didn't have this extra cash. I was VERY happy to run into the bedroom this morning at about 6:45 to announce that I FINALLY sold Syd's crib and changing table(which he said I would't sell for what I asked for it) and my elliptical machine(which he had the same opinion of). And, when I told him that I sold some of his lightly used shirts for $5 a piece, he got up and decided that he needed to double check his closet to see if anything else needed to be sold. He has this opinion that "why would someone else want our junk?". But it really is good stuff, heck I would buy up some kids clothes if they we're Syd's size and the same style and condition as mine we're at a garage sale!!! So, now we FINALLY might have room to park in our garage (something that Casey has been griping about!!)!!! AND, I have almost $500, yes I said $500 - to splurge on this new bedding/decor at Kohl's that I have been eyeing!!! YAY!!!
P.s. got to see my sister today and she is FINALLY showing! I got to feel the baby kick, and Syd said Whoa! when she saw her Aunt Michelle's belly. One thing that did make me sick, she is still wearing her old jeans at 23 weeks!!

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