Thursday, April 23, 2009

Twinkle Toes

Sunday, Sydney asked me to come in to her room and she was going to do a show for me. She asked me to sit in her "baby" recliner, which I squeezed in to. She then did a ballet performance for me on the "stage" - her bed! Here are a few pics:

She is taking ballet, tap, and hip-hop now! She'll have her spring recital in early June. We just found out that she has a solo during the hiphop dance!!!! Let's just say she doesn't take after her dad in the dancing department! It has been great for her, I like to watch her do the hip hop the best but I am pretty sure that she likes ballet the best.
Well we found out about a month ago that Casey will be going to Germany for work for the month of June. I thought about going for a few days but we decided we'll just have to go when we will both be able to enjoy it for a lengthy stay - Sorry to my girlfriends Lyndsey and Melissa who live there. So everyone be thinking about me attempting to be a single parent for that month!!

Funny Photo Of The Week:

This is Sampson, our younger dog. This is exactly what he does most of the time that he is awake. Sorry, I do not like Sampson. He is VERY needy and has to be with someone at all times. He won't even go the the bathroom outside by himself. He has to go get Roxy, my sweet girl, to go with him. The worst part about it all is that I am allergic to Sampson, but not to Roxy (they are both boxers though, vet says that this is normal). Because he is so needy, he stands next to my legs and rubs up against me all the time, which then makes me break out in all these very itchy bumps. This also means I cannot love on him very good either, so there is no emotional connection. Casey and Sydney make up for me though. Recently, Syd had trouble sleeping through the night, and Sampson too. They usually wake me up at least one time a piece during the night. I had a BRILLIANT idea, why not kill two birds with one stone and see if Samps can sleep with Sydney!! What do ya know, it has been a week and I haven't been awoken one time!! I am against the animals on the furniture and esp the beds, but I will do alot for my sleep, this is a good sacrifice!!

This is our new dental office!! I have been with this practice for 8 years almost. We have grown so much. When I first started there was just 4 of us and our office was a 1100 square foot converted old house in the not so good part of town. Now there are 13 of us and we are in a 6000 square foot BEAUTIFUL office!! I am very proud of it. We have 11 ops, flat screens above all dental chairs, a waterwall in the reception area.......need I say more!!!

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Rebecca said...

I'm glad Sydney has rhythm she definitely did not get that from the Lehman side. The pictures are sooo cute!